Kunst an Kölner Litfaßsäulen

Der enge, begrenzte Raum der Litfaßsäule wird in dem Spielfilm Moritz und die Litfaßsäule (DDR 1985) für den kleinen Moritz zum weiten, grenzenlosen Land der Phantasie.
 Was damals für Moritz die Litfaßsäule war, eine Tür, die Zugang zu Geschichten und Imaginationen ermöglichte, wurden später für mich 
die Galerien und Museen der Welt. 
Die Photographie zeigt eine Wendeltreppe im Archäologischen Museum in Istanbul und erinnert an die freischwebende Wendeltreppe im Eingangsbereich des ehemaligen, am Istanbuler Taksim Platz gelegenen AKM (Atatürk- Kulturzentrum), das 2018 abgerissen - und somit ein wichtiger Ort für die Istanbuler und die kulturelle Szene Geschichte wurde.

In the feature film Moritz and the Advertising Column (GDR 1985), the narrow, limited space of the advertising pillar becomes a vast, boundless land of imagination for little Moritz. For Moritz, the advertising pillar was a door that gave access to stories and imaginations. For me, the same became true with the galleries and museums of the world. The photograph shows a spiral staircase in the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul and is reminiscent of the free-floating spiral staircase in the entrance area of the former AKM (Atatürk Cultural Center) located on Istanbul's Taksim Square, which was demolished in 2018 - and thus an important place for Istanbul's cultural scene became history.

photography: Luisa Katharina Kempf

The Advertising Column can be seen at 25 locations in Cologne until mid-June 2022.
For more information please visit: https://www.stadt-koeln.de


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Muttersprache/ Vaterland, 2022

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Die in Hannover geboren und in Langenhagen aufgewachsene Künstlerin reflektiert in ihren Arbeiten die Frage kultureller Identitäten, Transfer- und Migrationsbewegungen, die sich den Dingen einschreiben und die sie in einer performativen Bewegung miteinander in Beziehung setzt. Für Archipelago unter Die Landvermesserin arbeitet Viola Yeşiltaç an einer Soundcollage mit Aufnahmen, die in Transit sowie vor Ort in Langenhagen entstanden sind. Ausserdem befinden sich links und Referenzen und Einges mehr im dem Cluster.


Lie Lay Lain, LLC, Den Haag, The Netherlands


SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 - DECEMBER 18, 2021

Opening Friday September 3rd - 5-10pm
Helena van Doeverenplantsoen 3
2512 ZB, Den Haag
The Netherlands

     photograph b&w fibre print,  from the Istanbul series, 2018 - 20

The Kitchen at Billytown, an artist-run-space in The Hague invites Lie Lay Lain to curate a group exhibition. The show, titled Skroderider, includes artists Joseph BuckleySara EnricoErin Johnson and Viola Yeşiltaç and will be on view September 3rd till December 18th 2021. The show’s works address material choices, particularly the porous authorial boundaries of material intention.

The title of the show references the sessile plants who become mobile among the plethora of protagonists in Vernor Vinge’s space opera A Fire Upon the Deep, 1992. A trickster intelligence gives the flora long term memory, the consequences of which rebound capriciously through the story’s universe. Once this species become both mobile and conscious of history, will, evolution, and chance, the distinctions between plant and animal, individual and collective action, begin to blur. By the story’s end, we distrust the sophont that enabled such a transformation.

Skroderider’s four exhibiting artists similarly, through material choices, employ such a catalytic storytelling, upending expectations for a surface or character. Joseph Buckley promotes the Orc from an evil role to that of surplus labor employed as modular furniture components, perniciously extra. To Sara Enrico, fabric, be it silk, canvas or neoprene, is multidimensional, becoming time-based when the gravity of bronze and oil paint weigh its surfaces. Viola Yeşiltaç’s pleather absorbs the boundaries of a seemingly prehistoric spread of ink the wandering of which is eulogized in adjacent photography navigating Istanbul, once a continental gateway, now a fluid border. Erin Johnson substantiates the non-binary, tempering the speed of the hothouse with the incantation of the chorus, praying empiricism catches up with the multiple ways fruit is born.


Kunstverein, Langenhagen

         with existing and new works by Salim Bayri, Aurelie Ferruel & Florentine Guedon, 
Viola Yeşiltaç, Julia Schmid, Beni Bischof, Hartmut El Kurdi 
and Objects from the city archive of

Heimat is a constructed term with a - especially in german- rather bitter connotation. In 2021 Kunstverein Langenhagen is going to transform into a museum of local history ( german: Heimatmuseum). With this project the problem or possibilities, the nostalgia, the pain and the longing surrounding the concept of " homeland" are being displayed and confronted in a provocative and playful manner. Something which is preceived as a rather old- fashioned institution is being transformed into a different and hopefully more relevant form. the temporary museum of local history is going to focus on the local, regional and international meaning of the concepts of heimat.