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Muttersprache/ Vaterland, 2022

archipelago.page is a network that connects and publishes a growing range of topics. These topics are organised into clusters, each containing a multitude of content, such as; text, images and audio-visual recordings, as well as recommendations of literature, other webpages, projects etc. Its subjects mainly stem from, but are not limited to, the realm of contemporary art, they often arise from the interests of the founders of archipelago.page: the team of Kunstverein Langenhagen.* In structure the platform resembles an archipelago: it consists of a growing number of individual islands and visualizes their specific characteristics and mutual influences. The different clusters are comprised of collections of material that often remains invisible within the context of an exhibition. Lastly archipelago.page maps the connections, intersections and interferences of its topics and thus visualizes the complexity of their relationships.

The clusters and their contents are created and edited by individual authors, teams or in collaboration achipelago.page is open-ended. Its current state is the starting point for its further development.

Do you have questions or remarks about archipelago.page?
If so please contact us at: archipelago[a]kunstverein-langenhagen.de
*Kunstverein Langenhagen is a non-commercial institution for contemporary art in Langenhagen, DE

Die in Hannover geboren und in Langenhagen aufgewachsene Künstlerin reflektiert in ihren Arbeiten die Frage kultureller Identitäten, Transfer- und Migrationsbewegungen, die sich den Dingen einschreiben und die sie in einer performativen Bewegung miteinander in Beziehung setzt. Für Archipelago unter Die Landvermesserin arbeitet Viola Yeşiltaç an einer Soundcollage mit Aufnahmen, die in Transit sowie vor Ort in Langenhagen entstanden sind. Ausserdem befinden sich links und Referenzen und Einges mehr im dem Cluster.

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